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social security disability law experience you can rely on

social security disability law experience you can rely on

social security disability law experience you can rely onsocial security disability law experience you can rely onsocial security disability law experience you can rely on

Coronavirus Covid-19 - How Spector and Lenz will continue to support you


We are taking the COVID-19 pandemic seriously and trust you are taking precautions.

During this health crisis we will be making a few changes in our office. Beginning Monday, we are reducing our office hours and we will be moving toward working remotely.

Please use email to contact us if you can:

Many of you have pending cases. Rest assured that we are working and will continue to maintain our professional responsibilities to you. We are closely monitoring changes from SSA and from the courts, and will keep you informed.

If you must use the phone, we can access voicemail remotely and will return your calls. Continue to call 312-341-0711. Be sure to pick up if you see a cell phone call, even if you don’t recognize the caller.

Above all, health officials have encouraged people to avoid public gatherings, to stay home more often, and to keep their distance from others. If people are less mobile and interact with each other less, the virus has fewer opportunities to spread. Even if you are young and healthy, it appears that you can carry this virus to the more vulnerable. Be careful.

Thank you,

Deborah Spector

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We know you, or a loved one, is in pain. We've helped many others, and will help you, too.  Watch this video to learn how we will support you through the disability process. 

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Applying for disability?  It can be a challenge. Without the assistance of a qualified Social Security disability lawyer, most applicants are rejected. Since 1981, our attorneys have helped thousands of clients with every aspect of pursuing  benefits, from applications to hearings and appeals. 


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What we do

We serve those people suffering with disability, injury or serious illness. We work to secure Social Security Disability (SSDI) benefits and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) including claims for children, adult disabled children (over 18 years of age), widows, retirees, and public employees.  We eagerly represent the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) / Aspergers community, securing social security benefits.

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"After filling my claim on my own with no success for over a year, I found Spector and Lenz.  ...Deborah is amazing and passionate about helping her clients. ...Justin was outstanding at preparing for the hearing and acted as an advocate for me. Before wasting your time , ... contact Spector and Lenz. They will treat you like part of their family and do not give up until they win your case. Thank you Debra, Justin and the whole team at Spector and Lenz."   Joe Vida

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We are located in downtown Chicago on Jackson Boulevard between Michigan and Wabash Avenues on the south side of the street.

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