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Social Security Disability Attorneys

We have helped thousands of clients apply for Social Security disability benefits and get the help they need to improve their quality of life.

  • Federal court / judicial review
  • Social Security disability
  • SSI (Supplemental Security Income) for Adults and Children
  • Disability - short and long-term - public employees’ disability
  • Appeals - All disability adjudications - Survivors’ claims - Retirement claims
  • Same-Sex Marriage Benefits
  • Public Pension claims

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How We Help

Advocate for Your Children

Having a child with special needs or a physical impairment can add many strains on a family, especially financially. Your child is entitled to the best care possible, and receiving SSI benefits is their right. However, proving the need can involve legal knowledge and experience you may not possess. One of our children’s SSI attorneys in Chicago can help your family get the financial and medical benefits you need to improve your child’s life. A Spector & Lenz children’s SSI lawyer knows exactly what the Social Security Administration is looking for and how to provide the information they need in order to get your child’s disability benefits approved without delay.

Support Your Challenges

Applying and qualifying for disability benefits can be a challenging endeavor. Without the assistance of a qualified SSI disability lawyer, most applicants are rejected. A Chicago Social Security disability attorney from Spector & Lenz can help you with every aspect of pursuing the benefits you need, including assistance with preparing applications, agency hearings, and reconsideration appeals.

We will assist you even if you were previously denied by the Social Security Administration.

Give You Resources to Win

Applying for Social Security disability can involve complex paperwork, getting appropriate evidence of disability from medical professionals, and having representation during hearings.

We can ensure you have the resources you need to win your case and receive the benefits you deserve.

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