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Michael Gaubatz

Phenomenal Guidance

"A friend said Deborah was outstanding. Wow, is she ever — she combined immediate insight into the gist of my case with confidence-inspiring legal wisdom and genuine interpersonal warmth. Working with Deborah allowed me to unhook from the anxieties I had felt about applying for Disability while she shepherded my application through the process. I am profoundly glad I met her, and I enthusiastically recommend her to anyone considering applying for SS Disability."

Kim Rathbun

"They literally saved my life by winning my case. Attorney Justin Poh was unbelievable in our hearings. The "State's Expert Doctor" didn't believe I qualified and Justin immediately rattled off my medical history, MRI report, EMG to prove otherwise. When asked if he still felt there was not enough evidence to prove nerve compression, the doctor paused for a good minute and finally agreed with Justin. I was floored, but also knew we were right.  Thank you for taking my case.  I'll never be able to thank you enough."

Jan Howarth Donatelli

"I have a very difficult case, with multiple disabilities, and was denied twice by Social Security. Deborah Spector guided my case, and Justin Poh represented me in my final hearing. I won! I was treated with dignity and respect. I would most highly recommend this firm."

Joe Vida

"After filing my claim on my own with no success for over a year I found Spector and Lenz. Deborah is amazing and passionate about helping her clients. Justin my case lawyer was outstanding. Before wasting your time and all the stress first contact Spector and Lenz. They will treat you like part of their family and do not give up until they win your case."

Karen Wegrzyn

"Highly recommend them, people in Chicago area! They know what they are doing - thank you Deborah Spector-saved my life!! 😊😊👍🏼👍🏼"

Colleen Dragisic

"I was injured in a big box store four years ago so I have dealt with several different types of lawyers. Deborah Spector and her entire staff were awesome!  I could talk to any member of her staff and get a quick and concise answer to any question I had. Deborah herself is very knowledgeble with disability law. I would highly reccomend Spector & Lenz!!!!"

Success Stories

Won Benefits for Daughter


After two denials, mother Shanintel N. came to Spector and Lenz with low expectations.  The team treated Shanintel's daughter with respect and warmth, and won her benefits.

Skilled and Compassionate

People helping people

Greg B. says, “The attorneys at Spector & Lenz are the best in the field.  And they were very compassionate regarding the life-upheaving health problems that led to my approved claim.  I can think of no reason to consider any other disability law firm.”

Above and Beyond

Police vehicle top

Jamie M. says, "I would like to thank Deborah and her wonderful team! They not only deliver what they promise but they went beyond. My mother-in-law got into a terrible car accident and couldn’t even walk for a period of time. Deborah and her team would call us periodically to get the latest update on her."